Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dead Body Lottery

Dead Body Lottery marks Cave House Studios' debut short movie. After being part of a team for the DC submission, we wanted to produce our own short for the Richmond 48 Hour Film Festival. Although, 57 Pictures was still very much involved in this production as well.

We were assigned to include the character Michelle Dooley, who must be a "green" expert, a tomato to use as a prop, the line "you can ask her yourself" and the genre of horror. Regardless of the requirements, we knew we wanted to incorporate some effects. We had a full time 3d animator working on the flames of the house and a part time animator designing the explosion shot, in addition to the bathroom scene compositing. We also had an awesome make-up effects artist who really added a lot to the production quality. We were even able to produce some last minute foley that added some nice sound effects to the explosion.

Dead Body Lottery won Best Special Effects at the Richmond 48 Hour Film Fest 2009.

Dead Body Lottery was a blast. I coordinated a lot of the production, did some directing with the help of Matt Hines, and got the chance to create some sweet compositing effects for a 48 hour film. Great time.

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