Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stereo Compositing at Speedshape

Been awhile since I've updated this. Currently I'm working in Detroit, Michigan for Speedshape.. doing a Stereo Conversion feature film project. Basically we are making a one camera film into 3d (to be viewed with the glasses.)

I've been up here since February and its going awesome. Really crankin. I've learned Nuke, wrote tools to help the pipeline, was made a lead compositor, and flew to LA for a week to train the artists out there. Theres still about a month or two left for the deadline and a lot more to jam through.

Have done a few projects on the side since coming up here. Lots of sketching, a 3d animation for Cave House and a VFX shot for a 48 hour film project. Will post soon. Meanwhile, check out http://speedshape.com/.

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